Caseco Samsung Galaxy S24 Wallet Case Review: RFID + EMF Blocking / 5 Card Slots

In today’s digital world, we rely heavily on our smartphones, carrying them with us everywhere we go. However, this constant connectivity also raises concerns about potential health risks from radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. Additionally, the convenience of carrying your phone often comes at the cost of juggling multiple items like wallets and cash.

The Caseco Samsung Galaxy S24 Wallet Case aims to address these concerns by offering a comprehensive solution: a protective case integrated with a convenient wallet and advanced shielding technology. But does it live up to its claims? We putthe case through its paces to find out.

The Caseco Galaxy S24 Wallet Case arrives in eco-friendly packaging, free of plastic and BPA. Inside, you’ll find the case itself, which comes in two stylish color options: black and purple. The case feels reassuringly sturdy in hand, with a premium vegan leather exterior that exudes both style and sophistication. The stitching is clean and even, and the overall build quality feels solid.

Features & Functionality:

Military-Grade Drop Protection:

The case boasts military-grade drop protection, meaning it can withstand drops from up to 10 feet. This level of protection provides peace of mind knowing your phone is shielded from bumps and accidental falls.

RFID and EMF Blocking:

The case incorporates advanced shielding technology that claims to block 99% of RF radiation (5G, Wi-Fi, and cellular) and 92% of EMF radiation. While the scientific evidence on the long-term health risks of everyday EMF exposure is inconclusive, this feature may offer peace of mind for those concerned about potential health effects.


Wallet Functionality:

5 Card Slots: The case cleverly integrates a wallet section with five dedicated slots for storing your essential cards, such as credit cards, IDs, and driver’s licenses. This eliminates the need to carry a separate wallet, simplifying your everyday carry.

Cash and Coin Storage: The wallet section also includes a dedicated space for storing cash and coins, further streamlining your everyday essentials.

Convenience Features:

MagSafe and Wireless Charging Compatibility: The case is fully compatible with MagSafe accessories and wireless chargers. This means you can seamlessly charge your phone without removing the case, ensuring both convenience and protection.

Detachable Wallet: The wallet section is cleverly designed to be detachable from the main case. This allows you to easily switch between carrying your phone with or without the wallet, depending on your needs.

Adjustable Kickstand: The case also features a built-in, adjustable kickstand that allows you to prop up your phone for comfortable hands-free viewing. This is perfect for watching videos, browsing the web, or video conferencing.

User Experience:

The Caseco Galaxy S24 Wallet Case is comfortable to hold and provides a good grip. The buttons and ports are easily accessible, and the cutout for the camera is precise. Taking calls with the flap closed is also convenient, thanks to the exposed microphone and ear speaker cutouts.

Overall, the Caseco Galaxy S24 Wallet Case offers a compelling combination of protection, functionality, and convenience. While the effectiveness of its EMF blocking capabilities cannot be definitively proven, it caters to those seeking peace of mind in this regard.

Who is this case for?

This case is ideal for anyone who:

● Prioritizes phone protection against drops and scratches.

● Wants to minimize their everyday carry by combining their phone case and wallet.

● Is concerned about potential health effects of RF and EMF radiation.

● Appreciates convenient features like wireless charging, kickstand, and MagSafe compatibility.

Alternatives to Consider:

Kevlar Case: This type of case is known for its exceptional durability and scratch resistance, making it a good choice for those who are particularly hard on their phones.

Fremont Grip Case: This case features a unique textured grip that helps to prevent accidental drops. It may also offer some level of shock absorption, and give you the style you need.


The Caseco Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S24 Leather Wallet Caseprovides a compelling solution for those seeking a protective, functional, and convenient way to carry their phone. With its combination of features, eco-friendly packaging, and stylish design, this case is a strong contender in the market.

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