A New Level of Gaming Monetization: Evolution of Gaming Unveils a $3 Billion GameFi Disruption

Delaware, USA – April 11, 2024 – Evolution of Gaming (EOG) is going to upgrade video game monetization with the help of its brand-new platform. The project announces its Private Presale live now, with Launchpad Sales Event to follow. Details on these events can be found at

EOG introduces its gaming platform that grants gamers of all skill levels the opportunity to earn real rewards from the games they already love to play. Unlike traditional gaming setups, EOG offers a tested and market-proven model where every skill-based match results in winners earning rewards, setting it apart from competitors in the GameFi space.

“Evolution of Gaming “EOG” is poised to revolutionize video game monetization. EOG will offer a one-of-a-kind, tested and market-proven platform where gamers of all skill levels can earn in virtual competition matches of games they already play but can’t earn from. Our unique model will result in more gamers earning in every match than any eSports platform. EOG’s platform-native token, EVOLVE, incentivizes gamer and investor adoption, and promotes long-term token value through exclusive discounted competition fees on the EOG platform. Evolution of Gaming is Gaming Evolved.” – Casey Whiting, Founder, Evolution of Gaming Inc.

EOG’s platform makes sure that every competition match rewards winners, unlike competitors in the general GameFi space. With direct earning options through EVOLVE tokens, fiat currencies, or stablecoin cryptocurrencies, EOG democratizes gaming monetization, offering opportunities for gamers worldwide, regardless of skill level.

About EOG

Evolution of Gaming is a player-versus-player, pay-to-compete gaming competition platform that unlocks the earning potential of gaming for players globally. With a focus on accessibility and rewards, EOG wants to shake up the gaming industry by providing a platform where anyone can compete, win, and earn, without pro-level skills or status required.

Evolution of Gaming represents a significant advancement in gaming monetization, offering a fair and rewarding platform for gamers worldwide. With its Private Presale and Launchpad opening, EOG invites both investors and gamers to join the movement and build the future of gaming. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the evolution of gaming and unlock your earning potential.

Traditional gaming offers limited earning potential for the massive 3.32 billion player market. Evolution of Gaming (EOG) disrupts this status quo with a revolutionary platform that enables gamers of all skill levels to earn hundreds to thousands per month through skill-based competitions in popular video games.

EOG seamlessly integrates Web3 technology with traditional payments (fiat & stablecoins) for maximum accessibility. The native EVOLVE token incentivizes adoption by offering discounted entry fees. Blockchain records every competition, ensuring complete transparency. Rigorous Cloudflare security, hot wallets with replenishing security keys, and KYC for competitors in higher value competitions safeguard user data, funds, and platform integrity. Unique fantasy-style competitions allow anyone to compete once, win, and cash out without the need to climb tournament ladders.

The EOG Alpha platform garnered 20,000 registrations in the first week of marketing, with over 10,000 users KYC-verified. EOG Alpha launched with 12 live gamers and exploded into 12,000 blockchain-recorded competitions paid out in the first month of its live test. This highlights strong user demand and a commitment to monetized competitions.

Project Highlights

  1. Proven functionality: Fully functional Alpha version, developed, tested, and proven.
  2. Proven User Demand: Rapid user growth in the Alpha demonstrates market traction.
  3. Strong Token Utility: EVOLVE incentivizes participation and fuels platform growth.
  4. Competitive Edge: One-of-a-kind fantasy-style competition monetization with tangible and spendable earnings for all gamers, unlike anything available in GameFi today.

For more information and to join the presale, visit the official website and stay connected with EOG on social media platforms:









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